CT compared with arthroscopy in quantifying glenoid bone loss.

  title={CT compared with arthroscopy in quantifying glenoid bone loss.},
  author={James F. Griffith and Patrick Shu Hang Yung and Gregory Ernest Antonio and Polly H Tsang and Anil T. Ahuja and Kai-ming Chan},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={189 6},
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the accuracy of CT in determining the presence and severity of glenoid bone loss in patients with unilateral anterior shoulder dislocation. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Fifty patients (45 males, five females; mean age, 28.7 years; age range, 14-56 years) with anterior shoulder dislocation underwent shoulder CT examination before arthroscopy (mean time interval between CT and arthroscopy, 28.5 days; range, 9-73 days). Thirteen (26%) of the 50 patients had a single… CONTINUE READING