CT Findings of retroperitoneal malignant mesenchymoma

  title={CT Findings of retroperitoneal malignant mesenchymoma},
  author={Suresh K. Mukherji and Amyn M Rojiani and C. M. Younathan and Purificaci{\'o}n Ros},
  journal={Abdominal Imaging},
Malignant mesenchymoma (MM) is a rare mesenchymal neoplasm which, by definition, demonstrates at least two distinct types of malignant mesenchymal differentiation. We present the computed tomographic (CT) findings of a 42-year-old female with a pathologically proven retroperitoneal MM consisting of osteoid production combined with foci of liposarcoma and Kaposi sarcoma. MM should be considered along with extraosseous osteosarcoma and teratoma in the differential diagnosis for unusual large… CONTINUE READING