CSP Systems Analysis - Final Project Report

  title={CSP Systems Analysis - Final Project Report},
  author={Craig S. Turchi and M. Boyd and Devon Kesseli and Parthiv Kurup and Mark S. Mehos and Ty Neises and Prashant Sharan and Michael J. Wagner and Timothy J. Wendelin},

Review of supercritical CO2 power cycles integrated with CSP

Increasing demand of electricity and severer concerns to environment call for green energy sources as well as efficient energy conversion systems. SCO2 power cycles integrated with concentrating

De-Risking Solar Receivers to Achieve SunShot Targets

Concentrating solar thermal (CST) systems are unique among renewable energy options for the ease of integration with thermal energy storage (TES). This enables dispatchable (or continuous) production

Cost Update: Commercial and Advanced Heliostat Collectors

The research team performed a detailed bottom-up manufacturing cost estimate for two heliostat designs: (1) a commercial design, the Stellio and (2) an advanced/developing heliostat design, the



Redstone CSP IPP.

  • http://www.acwapower.com/en/projects/assets/projects/redstone-csp-ipp/
  • 2017

Solar process steam for a pharmaceutical company in Jordan

This paper presents details of the recent installation of a linear Fresnel collector to provide saturated steam for process heat usage through Direct Steam Generation (DSG) for industrial use in the

Brazil Plans to Build A New Concentrated Solar Plant

  • 2018

SolarPACES Guideline for Bankable STE Yield Assessment

Empirically observed learning rates for concentrating solar power and their responses to regime change

Concentrating solar power (CSP) capacity has expanded slower than other renewable technologies and its costs are still high. Until now, there have been too few CSP projects to derive robust

Power Trough 110 Datasheet.

  • 2016

CSP-plant modeling guidelines and compliance of the system advisor model (SAM)

A group of CSP experts created a guideline document, titled SolarPACES Guideline for Bankable STE Yield Assessment, which was applied to NREL’s System Advisor Model (SAM) software, providing useful feedback to both the checklist group and the SAM development team.

Solar thermal concentrator apparatus, system, and method

An apparatus is disclosed including: a trough shaped reflector extending along a longitudinal axis and including at least one reflective surface having a shape which substantially corresponds to an

Advanced Thermal Storage for Central Receivers with Supercritical Coolants

The principal objective of the study is to determine if supercritical heat transport fluids in a central receiver power plant, in combination with ceramic thermocline storage systems, offer a