CSI-aided Demapping of Dual-Carrier Modulation for Multiband-OFDM

  title={CSI-aided Demapping of Dual-Carrier Modulation for Multiband-OFDM},
  author={Chester Sungchung Park and Yun-Young Kim and Jae-Ho Noh and Jun-Jin Kong},
  journal={2007 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems},
A novel CSI-aided demapping method for dual-carrier modulation (DCM) is proposed for multiband-OFDM systems. The proposed method utilizes the channel state information (CSI) to calculate the soft decision values, which are given by the approximate log-likelihood ratio (LLR). In this paper, it is shown that the soft decision values are given as the differences between two squared Euclidean distances. By reducing the noise-amplifying effect, the proposed method improves the error performance of… CONTINUE READING