CSE 505 Assignment 2 Solution and Grading Guide


Like homework 1, homework 2 is graded out of 30 points. Overall, question 1 was worth 10 points, and question 2 (which had more parts and more proofs) 20. Question (2f) was worth 5, which seemed reasonable to me. Whether you think of question (2f) as extra credit is purely a matter of perspective; I chose to mark it as part of the 30 points possible, but if you want to think of it as true extra credit, then the assignment is out of 25 points. Breaking down the parts of the questions, (1a) and (1b) were worth 3 points each, so (1c) was worth 4. Question (2a) was worth 4 points, and (2b) 2 points (since it didn’t require the full derivations). (2c) was worth 4 points, and (2d) 3 points, although these are a little convolved in their grading because they were so similar and tended to rely on a common lemma. By subtraction, then question (2d) was worth 2 points. This homework I decided to grade positively, so you should find a number for each of the nine subparts, and the sum of those numbers should be your total grade. Obviously if I’ve made any math errors I’ll be happy to fix them.

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