CRMP-2 binds to tubulin heterodimers to promote microtubule assembly

  title={CRMP-2 binds to tubulin heterodimers to promote microtubule assembly},
  author={Yuko Fukata and Tomohiko J. Itoh and Toshihide Kimura and C{\'e}line M{\'e}nager and Takashi Nishimura and Takashi Shiromizu and Hiroyasu Watanabe and Naoyuki Inagaki and Akihiro Iwamatsu and Hirokazu Hotani and Kozo Kaibuchi},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
Regulated increase in the formation of microtubule arrays is thought to be important for axonal growth. Collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP-2) is a mammalian homologue of UNC-33, mutations in which result in abnormal axon termination. We recently demonstrated that CRMP-2 is critical for axonal differentiation. Here, we identify two activities of CRMP-2: tubulin-heterodimer binding and the promotion of microtubule assembly. CRMP-2 bound tubulin dimers with higher affinity than it bound… CONTINUE READING
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