CRM1-mediated Recycling of Snurportin 1 to the Cytoplasm

  title={CRM1-mediated Recycling of Snurportin 1 to the Cytoplasm },
  author={Efrosyni Paraskeva and Elisa Izaurralde and F. Ralf Bischoff and Jochen Huber and Ulrike Kutay and Enno Hartmann and Reinhard L{\"u}hrmann and Dirk G{\"o}rlich},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={255 - 264}
Importin beta is a major mediator of import into the cell nucleus. Importin beta binds cargo molecules either directly or via two types of adapter molecules, importin alpha, for import of proteins with a classical nuclear localization signal (NLS), or snurportin 1, for import of m3G-capped U snRNPs. Both adapters have an NH2-terminal importin beta-binding domain for binding to, and import by, importin beta, and both need to be returned to the cytoplasm after having delivered their cargoes to… CONTINUE READING


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