CPT, strings, and meson factories.

  title={CPT, strings, and meson factories.},
  author={Kosteleck and Potting},
  journal={Physical review. D, Particles and fields},
  volume={51 7},
  • Kosteleck, Potting
  • Published 19 January 1995
  • Physics
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
Spontaneous breaking of [ital CPT] is possible in string theory. We show that it can arise at a level within reach of experiments at meson factories currently being built or designed. For [phi], [ital B], and [tau]-charm factories, we discuss the likely experimental string signatures and provide estimates of the bounds that might be attained in these machines. 
CPT violation searches and prospects for LHCb
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Search for Violation of CPT and Lorentz Invariance in Bs(0) Meson Oscillations.
We present the first search for CPT-violating effects in the mixing of Bs(0) mesons using the full Run II data set with an integrated luminosity of 10.4  fb(-1) of proton-antiproton collisions


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