CP violation in the $B_s^0$ system

  title={CP violation in the \$B\_s^0\$ system},
  author={Marina Artuso and Guennadi Borissov and Alexander Lenz},
  journal={Reviews of Modern Physics},
Experimental and theoretical studies of CP violation in the Bs0 system are reviewed. Updated predictions for the mixing parameters of the Bs0 mesons expected in the standard model (SM) are given, namely, the mass difference ΔMsSM=18.3±2.7  ps-1, the decay rate difference ΔΓsSM=0.085±0.015  ps-1, and the flavor-specific CP asymmetry afss,SM=(2.22±0.27)×10-5 and the equivalent quantities in the B0 sector. Current experimental values of ΔMs and ΔΓs agree with remarkable precision with theoretical… 
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Theory of CP violation in B decays
  • K. Vos
  • Physics
    Proceedings of The International Conference on B-Physics at Frontier Machines — PoS(BEAUTY2018)
  • 2018
The study of CP violation in $B$-meson decays has already reached a high level of precision, which will be pushed even higher in the future era of Belle-II and the LHCb upgrade. %Important probes of
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