CP violation and the 4th generation

  title={CP violation and the 4th generation},
  author={G. Eilam and B. Meli{\'c} and J. Trampeti'c},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Within the Standard model with the 4th generation quarks b' and t' we have analyzed CP-violating flavor changing neutral current processes t -> cX; b'-> sX, b'-> bX,t'-> cX, and t'-> tX, with X=Z,H,gamma,g, by constructing and employing global, unique fit for the 4th generation mass mixing matrix CKM4 at 300 s(Z,H,gamma,g))= (90,73,52,30)%, at m_t' ~ 300,300,380,400 GeV, respectively. From the experimental point of view the best decay mode, out of the above four, is certainly b'-> s gamma… Expand

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