CP -violating super-Weyl anomaly

-violating super-Weyl anomaly},
  author={Koichiro Nakagawa and Yu Nakayama},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In CP-violating conformal field theories in four dimensions, the Pontryagin density can appear in the Weyl anomaly. The Pontryagin density in the Weyl anomaly is consistent, but it has a peculiar feature that the parent three-point function of the energy-momentum tensor can violate CP only (semi-)locally. In this paper, we study the supersymmetric completion of the Pontryagin density in the Weyl anomaly, where the central charge $c$ effectively becomes a complex number. The supersymmetry… 

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Weyl, Pontryagin, Euler, Eguchi and Freund

  • M. Duff
  • Physics
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2020
In a September 1976 PRL Eguchi and Freund considered two topological invariants: the Pontryagin number P∼∫d4xgR*R and the Euler number χ∼∫d4xgR*R* and posed the question: to what anomalies do they

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