CP-Violating Neutrino Nonstandard Interactions in Long-Baseline-Accelerator Data.

  title={CP-Violating Neutrino Nonstandard Interactions in Long-Baseline-Accelerator Data.},
  author={Peter B. Denton and Julia Gehrlein and Rebekah Pestes},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={126 5},
Neutrino oscillations in matter provide a unique probe of new physics. Leveraging the advent of neutrino appearance data from NOvA and T2K in recent years, we investigate the presence of CP-violating neutrino nonstandard interactions in the oscillation data. We first show how to very simply approximate the expected NSI parameters to resolve differences between two long-baseline appearance experiments analytically. Then, by combining recent NOvA and T2K data, we find a tantalizing hint of CP… 

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