COVID-19 trials: declarations of data sharing intentions at trial registration and at publication

  title={COVID-19 trials: declarations of data sharing intentions at trial registration and at publication},
  author={Rebecca Li and Megan von Isenburg and Marcia Levenstein and Stanley Neumann and Julie Wood and Ida Sim},
Background The sharing of individual participant-level data from COVID-19 trials would allow re-use and secondary analysis that can help accelerate the identification of effective treatments. The sharing of trial data is not the norm, but the unprecedented pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 may serve as an impetus for greater data sharing. We sought to assess the data sharing intentions of interventional COVID-19 trials as declared in trial registrations and publications. Methods We searched… 

COVID-19 interventional trials: Analysis of data sharing intentions during a time of pandemic

Promotion of data sharing needs more than an emergency: An analysis of trends across clinical trials registered on the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform

Rates of planned IPD sharing vary between clinical trial registries and economic regions, and are similar whether commercial or non-commercial agencies are involved.

Regulatory Frameworks for Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Scoping Review

This review seeks to identify regulatory frameworks and policies that govern clinical trial data sharing and explore key elements of data-sharing mechanisms as outlined in existing regulatory documents, and outlines the immediate need for developing a pragmatic data- sharing mechanism that aims to improve research and innovations as well as facilitate cross-border collaborations.

Open Science and COVID-19 Randomized Controlled Trials: Examining Open Access, Preprinting, and Data Sharing-Related Practices During the Pandemic

The results demonstrate that, while progress has been made, there is still a significant mismatch between aspiration and the practice of open science in an important area of the COVID-19 literature.

Open data and data sharing in articles about COVID-19 published in preprint servers medRxiv and bioRxiv

This study aimed to analyze the content of data availability statements (DAS) and the actual sharing of raw data in preprint articles about COVID-19. The study combined a bibliometric analysis and a

Open science saves lives: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Concerns about the violation of some of the Open Science principles and its potential impact on the quality of research output are expressed and evidence of the misuses of these principles at different stages of the scientific process is provided.

COVID-19 as a source of poor publications



Primed to comply: Individual participant data sharing statements on

It is suggested that successful compliance with the IPD sharing statement requirements of the ICMJE will require further clarification, enhanced education, and outreach to investigators.

Sharing of Individual Participant Data from Clinical Trials: General Comparison and HIV Use Case

It is found that studies that deposited basic summary results data to CTG results registry, large studies and phase 3 interventional studies are most likely to declare intent to share IPD data.

Challenges to complete and useful data sharing

Issues which impede the use of data even when sharing should be possible are discussed and can be avoided by anticipating the possibility of sharing any clinical data and pre-emptively removing or addressing restrictions that limit complete sharing.

Good practice principles for sharing individual participant data from publicly funded clinical trials

A guidance document summarising good practice principles for sharing IPD and associated documentation from publicly-funded clinical trials has been developed and endorsed by Cancer Research UK, MRC Methodology Research Programme Advisory Group, Wellcome Trust and the Executive Group of the UK CRC Registered CTUs Network.

The Principles and Practice of Clinical Trials.

This book is aimed at students, new medical recruits to the pharmaceutical industry and clinicians involved in the assessment of drugs, and has many pluses but also some minuses, including the uneven quality and sometimes inappropriateness of various chapters.

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It is the time of year when 2 new letters follow the names of former medical students who don fresh white coats as they begin internships, and 2 Annals Graphic Medicine pieces about the beginning of internship are published that evoke some of the emotions you are likely feeling.


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  • 2020

Data Sharing and Reuse

Challenges of data sharing: valuable but costly?