COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with a 10-Day Motorcycle Rally in a Neighboring State — Minnesota, August–September 2020

  title={COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with a 10-Day Motorcycle Rally in a Neighboring State — Minnesota, August–September 2020},
  author={Melanie J Firestone and Haley Wienkes and Jacob Garfin and Xiong Wang and Kelley Vilen and Kirk E. Smith and Stacy M. Holzbauer and Matthew Plumb and Kelly Pung and Carlota Medus and Joseph D. Yao and Matthew J. Binnicker and Andrew C. Nelson and Sophia Yohe and Kathryn Como-Sabetti and Kristen R. Ehresmann and Ruth Lynfield and Richard N. Danila},
  journal={Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report},
  pages={1771 - 1776}
During August 7-16, 2020, a motorcycle rally was held in western South Dakota that attracted approximately 460,000 persons from across the United States to numerous indoor and outdoor events over a 10-day period. During August-September 2020, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) investigated a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak associated with the rally in Minnesota residents. Fifty-one primary event-associated cases were identified, and 35 secondary or tertiary cases occurred… 

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