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  author={Ray Broomhill and Dunstan Paper},
research interests are in the fields of political economy, gender studies, and public policy. He is currently completing a co-authored book comparing the impact of neoliberal globalisation on Australia, Canada and Mexico. He is also engaged in researching the uneven impact of global restructuring on working experiences and gender relations within households in Australia. The Don Dunstan Foundation was established in 1999 with a view to perpetuating the memory of Don Dunstan, former Premier of… Expand
Corporate Social Responsibility and Workplace Democracy: Emerging Issues and Perspectives
CSR: History and Theoretical AnalysisCSR is responsibility business bears towards society, environment and the community. It is a point of convergence of various initiatives aimed at ensuringExpand
Corporate social responsibility: is it an alternative to government?
Purpose Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gained global prominence in recent years. This is because businesses have seen the need to consider the interests of stakeholders not onlyExpand
The Ideal Woman- a case study of the Coca-Cola Company's 5by20 initiative.
Since mid-2000s, a great emphasis of the global development agenda is directed toward women and their participation in society, especially as wageworkers and political actors. Hand-in-hand with thisExpand
Corporate social responsibility and the parameters of dialogue with vulnerable others
This article presents a case study of corporate dialogue with vulnerable others. Dialogue with marginalized external groups is increasingly presented in the business literature as the key to makingExpand
“Etiquette and magic”: Between embedding and embedded corporate social responsibility
This article looks at corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a discursive social practice that attempts to interrogate the global market economy and its neoliberal underpinnings and that reflectsExpand
The Social Responsibility of Multinationals: From an Afterthought to Center Stage
How has the social responsibility of multinationals (MNEs) changed over the past 50 years? This chapter provides a brief historical tour of MNEs and social issues from the late 1960s to the present.Expand
Challenging Traditional Discourse: Corporate Social Responsibility in Nepal’s Airline Industry
The essence of the research is to understand the logic behind Nepalese airline company, Buddha Air, initiating its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a diverse field of agriculture and toExpand
An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility, Trust and Reputation in the Banking Profession
Bankers and other financial services professionals play a fundamental role in determining the economic fortunes, stability and sustainability of modern economies. Using Carroll’s (1991) four partExpand
Bridging Governance Gap with Political CSR
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has attracted varied applications in management. This chapter contribution provides evidence of a political CSR where multinational corporations (MNCs) areExpand
“You are not our only child”: Neoliberalism, food security issues and CSR discourse in the Kutubu oilfields of Papua New Guinea
This paper examines neoliberalism coupled with corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavours in the context of international extractive companies and their implications on the psyche andExpand


Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Policy, and Ngo Activism in Europe and the United States: An Institutional-Stakeholder Perspective
abstract Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly pervasive phenomenon on the European and North American economic and political landscape. In this paper, we extend neo‐institutionalExpand
Citizenship, accountability and community: the limits of the CSR agenda
The focus of this article on the relationship between companies and local communities derives from a concern that many accounts of corporate responsibility and citizenship overlook thisExpand
Globalization, Corporate Social Responsibility and poverty
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a major focus of interest for development practitioners in recent years. While development NGOs have been critical of voluntary corporate initiatives,Expand
Global Corporate Citizenship: What Does it Mean?
This article investigates the relationship between corporate social responsibility and a phrase that is fast becoming a preferred description of much the same thing but now set in an internationalExpand
Corporate citizenship and social responsibility in a globalized world
This article addresses the rise of corporate citizenship in the context of the changes in the nature of individual citizenship and the emergence of new, non‐territorial forms of national identityExpand
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility: A Comparative Analysis of the UK and the Us
This paper argues that key differences between the UK and the US in the importance ascribed to a company's social responsibilities (CSR) reflect differences in the corporate governance arrangementsExpand
How should civil society (and the government) respond to 'corporate social responsibility'? A critique of business motivations and the potential for partnerships
In theory, corporate social responsibility (CSR) considers private companies as potentially important development agents, particularly in partnership with the government and civil society groups.Expand
The role of corporate social responsibility in gender mainstreaming
Abstract This article investigates the possibilities of corporate social responsibility (CSR) advancing gender mainstreaming. With the expanding role of the private sector in national and globalExpand
Corporate responsibility and the movement of business
The corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda has taken off since the 1980s, with both civil society and business actors involved in mobilising around it. This paper examines the reasons for civilExpand
Corporate accountability in South Africa: the role of community mobilizing in environmental governance
Contrasting perspectives of international companies and civil society groups have divided recent debates about corporate responsibility in developing countries. The Corporate Social ResponsibilityExpand