author={Pam Nilan},
  journal={Indonesia and the Malay World},
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  • P. Nilan
  • Published 16 October 2009
  • Art
  • Indonesia and the Malay World
This article is on three kinds of contemporary young masculinities in Indonesia. Proceeding through a discussion of three composite profiles of young men assembled from fieldwork data, the argument is made that these three identifiable discourses of lived masculinity correspond to some dominant images of men circulating in the Indonesian media. Theoretically, these seem to be new or alternative constructions of masculinity, if considered against the men's studies literature. Yet there is… 
Liminal Masculinity: Narratives of Class and Sexuality in Post-authoritarian Indonesia
ABSTRACT In contemporary Indonesia, the fragmentation of a collectively-imagined future has generated ambivalent and contradictory ways of being and becoming a man. This article investigates this
The Identity Politics of Masculinity as a Colonial Legacy
ABSTRACT Prior to Dutch colonization, there was a clear distinction between men and women in Indonesia. However, the hierarchical structure between these gender categories is part and parcel of the
Masculinities in a global era.
Introduction.- Part 1: Theoretical Models: New Directions in Gender Role Conflict Research.- Will the Real Joseph Gelfer Please Stand Up: Multiple Masculinities and the Self.- Part 2: Masculinity and
Poor, Polygamous, But Deeply Pious: Muslim Masculinities in Post-New Order Film Islami
Through events such as the attacks on 9/11 and its global reverberations, the fear of global Islamist terrorism, and the continued intellectual links with the seat of Islamic learning in the Middle
This article examines the construction of masculine identities among a specific gang of Javanese migrants who work in the sex market for homosexuals in Bali. It addresses youthful masculinities in
Gender and Islam in Indonesian Cinema
My PhD thesis draws from feminist and post-structuralist approaches to examine the construction of gender and Islam in Indonesian Islamic cinema between 1977 to 2011. This thesis asks: how, when, and
Manliness in Sino-Malay publications in the Netherlands Indies
This study investigates constructions of manliness in the late-colonial Netherlands Indies (1870s–1930s), with particular reference to the so-called ‘Sino-Malay’ novels and newspapers produced by its
Magic Power: changing gender dynamics and sex-enhancement practices among youths in Makassar, Indonesia
It was found that the most popular products – ‘magic tissues’ that promise to prolong erections and a ‘neotraditional’ vaginal wash that promises to cleanse, perfume, and tighten vaginas – espouse the dual purpose of promoting sexual pleasure and hygiene.
Militarized masculinities beyond methodological nationalism: charting the multiple masculinities of an Indonesian jihadi
Abstract Studies of masculinity and armed conflict have struggled to capture the complex interaction between globalized militarized masculinities and local gender formations. Particularly in
Young Men and Peer Fighting in Solo, Indonesia
This article considers peer fighting between lower middle-class Javanese schoolboys with a view to describing the masculine habitus referenced in local collective violence. Acknowledging the long


Indonesian masculinities : images of men in Indonesian TV advertising
This article examines images of men in Indonesian popular culture, focussing on TV advertising in particular.  Extending previous feminist scholarship on gendered representations in the Indonesian
Tigers and gangsters: masculinities and feminised migration in Indonesia
This paper considers the implications of feminized labour migration for young men in Lampung, Indonesia, drawing on performative approaches to masculinities in the context of wider political economic
Men, Masculinities and Symbolic Violence in Recent Indonesian Cinema
  • M. Clark
  • Art
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 2004
This article investigates images of men and masculinities in post-New Order Indonesian popular culture, focusing on a recent and path-breaking Indonesian film, Kuldesak. The theoretical sociology of
Bazar, Big Kites and Other Boys' Things: Distinctions of Gender and Tradition in Balinese Youth Culture
Balinese society is undergoing rapid change, but remains discursively situated in a ‘timeless’ ethos of cultural tradition. This tension can be observed in relation to the cultural activities of the
t has become something of a truism to state that the concept of ‘masculinities’ assumed, during the 1990s, an increasing visibility, prominence and political significance both within (and beyond) the
A ‘Manual on Masculinity’? The Consumption and Use of Mediated Images of Masculinity among Teenage Boys in Ireland
Most of the research on masculinity in Ireland stresses the influences of family, work and education in the construction of gender (Ferguson, 1998; Ferguson and Synott, 1995; Ferguson and Reynolds,
The men and the boys
Questions about men and boys have aroused remarkable media attention and public interest in recent years. But what have we learned about masculinity, and where is our thinking on the subject headed?
The gendered society
Thoroughly updated throughout, the fourth edition of The Gendered Society explores current thinking about gender, both inside academia and in our everyday lives. Michael Kimmel challenges the claim
Neither Reasonable nor Responsible: Contrasting Representations of Masculinity in a Malay Society
For much of the 20th century, kinship was, as Collier and Yanagisako recently put it, "the central focus of ethnographies and ... the privileged site for theoretical debates about the character of
Tombois in West Sumatra: Constructing Masculinity and Erotic Desire
During anthropological fieldwork on gender and agricultural development in West Sumatra, Indonesia, in 1989-90, I pursued a secondary research goal of investigating the situation of "lesbians" in the