author={G. L. Dobbins},
  pages={48 - 66}
  • G. Dobbins
  • Published 1 March 2008
  • History
  • Interventions
Over the last two decades, the introduction of postcolonial theory into the context of Irish Studies has led to a prolonged re-examination of a number of thinkers whose works resonate with recent critical understandings of the history of colonization in Ireland and the nationalist drive for independence. This has intensified interest in archival research to reclaim these figures and texts for purposes of contemporary criticism. One of the most significant of these thinkers is the anti… Expand


Rethinking national marxism: James Connolly and ‘Celtic Communism’
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Ireland After History
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The New Imperialism
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On alternative modernities
To think in terms of “alternative modernities” is to admit that modernity is inescapable and to desist from speculations about the end of modernity. Born in and of the West some centuries ago underExpand
Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression
In this work, Jacques Derrida guides the reader through an extended meditation on remembrance, religion, time, and technology - all occasioned by a deconstructive analysis of the notion of archiving.Expand
Revival: The Abbey Theatre, Sinn Féin, The Gaelic League and the Co-operative Movement
This book works against the orthodoxy that the Irish Revival was as a purely mystical affair of high culture characterised by a preoccupation with a backward-looking Celtic spirituality, nostalgiaExpand
Dust: The Archive and Cultural History
In this witty, engaging, and challenging book, Carolyn Steedman has produced an originaland sometimes irreverentinvestigation into how modern historiography has developed. Dust: The Archive andExpand
The end of Irish history? : critical reflections on the Celtic Tiger
1. The end of Irish History? An introduction to the book - Colin Coulter 2. Macroeconomic policy in the Celtic Tiger: A critical reassessment - Denis O'Hearn 3. Neither Boston nor Brussels: ClassExpand
The Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas
In The Archive and the Repertoire preeminent performance studies scholar Diana Taylor provides a new understanding of the vital role of performance in the Americas. From plays to official events toExpand
Reinventing Ireland : culture, society and the global economy
The reinvention of Ireland - a critical perspective, Peadar Kirby et al. Part 1 Economy and society: contested pedigrees of the Celtic tiger, Peader Kirby culture and state in Ireland's new economy,Expand