CONIC: an integrated approach to distributed computer control systems

  title={CONIC: an integrated approach to distributed computer control systems},
  author={Jeff Kramer and Jeff Magee and Morris Sloman and Andrew M. Lister},
Distributed computer control systems (DCCS) have a number of potential advantages over centralised systems, especially where the application is itself physically distributed. A computer station can be placed close to the plant being controlled, and a communications network used to enable the stations to communicate to co-ordinate their actions. However, the software must be carefully designed to exploit the potential advantages of distribution. In the paper, the CONIC architecture for DCCS is… 

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The CONIC Communication System for Distributed Process Control
  • M. Sloman
  • Computer Science
    Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen
  • 1983
The paper concentrates on the CONIC Communication System which was developed to support this distributed computer architecture, and uses the framework of the ISO Open Systems Reference model to describe the communication system.
Dynamic Configuration for Distributed Systems
Using this model, the properties required by languages and their execution environments to support dynamic configuration are determined and CONIC, the distributed system which has been developed at Imperial College, is described to illustrate the feasibility of the model.
Method for a design of distributed control systems
  • D. Boudebous, J. Derniame
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    1993 CompEuro Proceedings Computers in Design, Manufacturing, and Production
  • 1993
A method for the design of modular programs for distributable applications in the process control domain is presented, based on a priori safe design, not on a posteriori verification.
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After working as a programmer and a research assistant, he became a lecturer in the Department of Computing at Imperial College
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' Towards a notation for the functional design of distributed processing systems '
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    graduated from the University of Natal, South Africa, with a degree in electrical engineering, in 1970
    • He was awarded an M.Sc. in 1972, and Ph.D in 1979,
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    • Proceedings of computer software and applications conference