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  author={Xiao Yu},
This paper investigates the design of composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) control law for an underactuated gantry crane system to achieve positioning and anti-swing control. First, the dynamic model of a nonlinear underactuated gantry crane system is established by using the Euler-Lagrange modeling method. Then, the CNF control law is designed for the system to improve the anti-swing performance. The CNF control law is fine tuned with an optimal nonlinear gain tuning method. The numerical… 

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Optimal composite nonlinear feedback control for a gantry crane system

This paper investigates an optimal design of composite nonlinear feedback control law for a gantry crane system. The control objective is to drive the trolley of the gantry crane system to a target

Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control of a Jib Trolley of a Tower CraneBehaviors

This paper considers automatic control of Quanser 3DOF tower crane system using composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) methodology and shows that the CNF controller provides better load handling capability in terms of fast positioning of the jib trolley and damping of load swaying.

Semi-global output regulation for linear systems with input saturation by output feedback CNF control

  • Xiao YuWeiyao Lan
  • Mathematics
    2012 24th Chinese Control and Decision Conference (CCDC)
  • 2012
This paper proposes an output feedback composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) control method for semi-global output regulation problem of linear systems with input saturation. Based on the state feedback

Output regulation for linear systems with input saturation by composite nonlinear feedback control

This paper addresses the semi-global output regulation problem of linear systems with actuator saturation by composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) control by introducing a nonlinear part in the CNF control to improve the transient performance of the closed-loop system.



Speed control of DC motor using composite nonlinear feedback control

  • Weiyao LanQi Zhou
  • Engineering, Mathematics
    2009 IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation
  • 2009
This paper presents the design of the composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) control law for DC motor speed control. First, a linear feedback control law is designed such that the closed-loop system

Control Schemes for Input Tracking and Anti-sway Control of a Gantry Crane

This paper presents investigations into the development of hybrid control schemes for input tracking and anti-sway control of a gantry crane system. A nonlinear overhead gantry crane system is

A Hard-Disk-Drive Servo System Design Using Composite Nonlinear-Feedback Control With Optimal Nonlinear Gain Tuning Methods

The design of composite nonlinear-feedback (CNF) control law for a hard-disk-drive (HDD) servo system is investigated and the parameter-tuning problem is formulated as an optimization problem, which can be solved efficiently via numerical methods.

Robust Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control With Application to a Servo Positioning System

Simulation and experimental results show that the new robust composite nonlinear feedback control method can achieve better transient performance and steady-state accuracy in set-point tracking and is more robust to amplitude variations of disturbance/set point compared to integration-based control.

Composite nonlinear feedback control for linear systems with input saturation: theory and an application

The proposed composite nonlinear feedback control technique is capable of beating the well-known time-optimal control in the asymptotic tracking situations and can be applied to design servo systems that deal with "point-and-shoot" fast targeting.

Toward improvement of tracking performance nonlinear feedback for linear systems

A composite nonlinear feedback tracking control law based on a nominal linear controller is proposed. The design yields nonlinear feedback laws that both increase the speed of the closed-loop system

Control of Gantry and Tower Cranes

The main objective of this work is to design robust, fast, and practical controllers for gantry and tower cranes. The controllers are designed to transfer the load from point to point as fast as

Modeling and Control of the Yaw Channel of a UAV Helicopter

The modeling and flight-control-system design for the yaw channel of an unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV) helicopter is presented using a newly developed composite nonlinear feedback (CNF)-control technique, which has achieved a Level 1 performance according to the standards set for military rotorcraft.

Parameters Optimization of Robot Arm PID Controllers Based on PSO Algorithm

The PSO algorithm is presented and applied to optimize PID parameters in robot arm based on MATLAB/Simulink and shows that by this method the setting time and overshoot of every joint in the robot arm present optimized distinctly.