title={COMPENDIUM 外科 潜在精巣},
  author={Stephen J. Birchard and Michael Nappier and 越後 良介},
La American Library Association (ALA) define la revista científica como una publicación periódica contentiva de artículos científicos y/o información de actualidad sobre investigación y desarrollo acerca de un campo científico determinado. La importancia de contar con revistas científicas en el ámbito universitario se puede fundamentar sobre la base de sus principales funciones. Según el Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas de España(i) se establecen las siguientes: 
Lipohipertrofias en niños con diabetes mellitus tipo 1
Se detectaron diferencias significativas en the aparicion of lipohipertrofias entre los ninos that portan bomba de insulina y los that utilizan un regimen de multiples dosis of insuline.
Alta incidencia de diabetes tipo 1 en población magrebí de Osona y Baix Camp
The aim of this study is to determine if there are differences in the incidence of T1DM by origin, and to open a study field of which risk factors could be affecting this immigrant population in their destination countries.
Epidemiological characteristics of children who presented with type I diabetes mellitus in the 2000-2010 period at the Pereira Rossell Hospital
Introducción: la diabetes mellitus tipo I (DM1) es una de las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles más prevalentes en la población infantil. Su incidencia es variable. En la etiopatogenia están
Propuesta de Mejora en el Proceso de Aprendizaje del Alumno y su Aplicación a una Asignatura de Arquitectura de Computadores
A wide range of tools: simulators, the Moodle platform and a series of tools to help in self-evaluation and to support the social creation of knowledge, that were applied to, among others, a course on Computer Architecture.
Filling out learning object metadata considering cultural contextualization
This paper presents Cognitor, a common-sense aided framework for the Cog-Learn Pattern Language that aims to help content editors create and contextualize e-learning content through the generation of
Lessons from the MENA region: A configurational explanation of the (in)effectiveness of UN Security Council sanctions between 1991 and 2014
Abstract This article advances knowledge on the old but still relevant question of what explains the effectiveness of sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. Building on the Targeted Sanctions
Research on the use of monoclonal antibodies regarding to the study of swine ’ s testicular parenchyma
This work presents a meta-analyses of the determinants of canine coronavirus infection and their role in the development of immune-inflammatory bowel disease in mice.
Interactive Online Learning Support: Progress on Research to Date
  • S. Quinton
  • Computer Science
    2007 Inaugural IEEE-IES Digital EcoSystems and Technologies Conference
  • 2007
The project is concerned with applying semantic analysis techniques, specifically the normalised word vector (NWV) technology developed at Curtin to the construction of a range of 'intelligent' online cognitive support tools.
Who owns educational products developed with federal funds? Intellectual property rights in preK-12 education
ABSTRACT Although law and regulation governing the distribution of intellectual property rights has significant implications for the cost, quality, and adaptability of educational products and
Does Your Website Meet Potential Customers’ Needs? How to Conduct Usability Tests to Discover the Answer
This CHR tool explains how hospitality managers can evaluate the extent to which their hotel or restaurant website meets potential customers’ needs by means of usability tests. As hospitality


• Policy advocacy for integration of gender perspectives in laws & regulations; and • Social media campaigns
    • Campaigns for SALW control: 16 days ending violence against women
      Bangladesh • Establish a national Platform/Commission for coordination purposes
        Philippines • Create a forum for all stakeholders to discuss the impact of guns and SALW violence on families, and especially women and girls
          • Collects grassroots information & share in monthly meetings to analyze the situation; and • Roundtable discussion with MPs and international resource person
            Discover the possibility of establishing a National Commission on SALW; and • Develop more insights on how to include youth and local groups into the issue and how to work collaboratively
              • Develop and establish a database system; and • Form a high-level committee and a seperate monitoring group to report to them
                • Review existing legislation in light of the ATT and other SALW control insturments to analyze legislations in support of those instruments and gaps
                  • Create regional and inter-regional alliances in combatting SALW
                    • Conduct awareness protests and campaigns against SALW