COMET: Content mediator architecture for content-aware networks

  title={COMET: Content mediator architecture for content-aware networks},
  author={Gerardo Garc{\'i}a-de-Blas and Andrzej Beben and Francisco Javier Ram{\'o}n-Salguero and Adrian Maeso and Ioannis Psaras and George Pavlou and Ning Wang and Jaroslaw Sliwinski and Spiros Spirou and Sergios Soursos and Eleftheria Hadjioannou},
  journal={2011 Future Network & Mobile Summit},
This paper presents the vision of the EU FP7 project COMET (COntent Mediator architecture for content-aware nETworks), which aims at defining a novel content-oriented Internet architecture for simplifying content access and supporting content distribution in the network in a content-aware fashion. The COMET architecture will deal with content as a primitive, facilitating unified access to any type of content regardless of location and way of distribution. It will provide global content naming… CONTINUE READING
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