COL11A1 in FAP polyps and in sporadic colorectal tumors

  title={COL11A1 in FAP polyps and in sporadic colorectal tumors},
  author={Helene Fischer and Sima Salahshor and Roger Stenling and Jan Bj{\"o}rk and Gudrun E Lindmark and Lennart Iselius and Carlos A Rubio and A. Arto Lindblom},
  journal={BMC Cancer},
  pages={17 - 17}
We previously reported that the α-1 chain of type 11 collagen (COL11A1), not normally expressed in the colon, was up-regulated in stromal fibroblasts in most sporadic colorectal carcinomas. Patients with germline mutations in the APC gene show, besides colonic polyposis, symptoms of stromal fibroblast involvement, which could be related to COL11A1 expression. Most colorectal carcinomas are suggested to be a result of an activated Wnt- pathway, most often involving an inactivation of the APC… CONTINUE READING


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