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CODA: Hijos Oyentes de Padres Sordos

  title={CODA: Hijos Oyentes de Padres Sordos},
  author={Andreu Segu{\'i} Beltr{\'a}n and Lourdes del Rosario},
Autor: Andreu Beltrán, Lourdes Rosario (Maestra. Especialidad en Pedagogía Terapéutica). Público: Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior de Mediación Comunicativa. Colectivo de personas que conforman la comunidad sorda (intérpretes, hijos de padres sordos, sordos...). Materia: Metodología de la integración social de las personas con dificultades de comunicación, lenguaje y habla. Sensibilización social y participación. Idioma: Español. 



Practical Considerations for Counselors Working With Hearing Children of Deaf Parents

Counseling literature has not adequately addressed various experiences encountered by hearing children of deaf adults. Awareness and understanding of these unique experiences would better prepare

Incidental word learning in a hearing child of deaf adults.

It is suggested that bilingual children can achieve typical vocabulary levels (even with minimal input in one of the languages) and that the development of incidental word learning follows a similar trajectory in ASL and spoken English.

Children of Deaf adults : Communication and parenting issues in families with deaf parents and hearing children

  • Recuperado Febrero 28
  • 2012

Influences and Adaptability in Families with Deaf Parents and Hearing Children

  • Journal of Counselling & Development
  • 1990