COCPIT: a tool for integrated care pathway variance analysis.


Electronic Health Record (EHR) data has the potential to track patients' journeys through healthcare systems. Many of those journeys are supposed to follow Integrated Care Pathways (ICPs) built on evidence based guidelines. An ICP for a particular condition sets out "what should happen", whereas the EHR records "what did happen". Variance analysis is the process by which the difference between expected and actual care is identified. By performing variance analysis over multiple patients, patterns of deviation from idealised care are revealed. The use of ICP variance analysis, however, is not as widespread as it could be in healthcare quality improvement processes - we argue that this is due to the difficulty of combining the required specialist knowledge and skills from different disciplines. COCPIT (Collaborative Online Care Pathway Investigation Tool) was developed to overcome this difficulty and provides clinicians and health service managers with a web-based tool for Care Pathway Variance Analysis.

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