COCO: a platform for comparing continuous optimizers in a black-box setting

  title={COCO: a platform for comparing continuous optimizers in a black-box setting},
  author={N. Hansen and A. Auger and Olaf Mersmann and T. Tusar and D. Brockhoff},
  journal={Optimization Methods and Software},
  pages={114 - 144}
  • N. Hansen, A. Auger, +2 authors D. Brockhoff
  • Published 2021
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Optimization Methods and Software
  • We introduce COCO, an open-source platform for Comparing Continuous Optimizers in a black-box setting. COCO aims at automatizing the tedious and repetitive task of benchmarking numerical optimization algorithms to the greatest possible extent. The platform and the underlying methodology allow to benchmark in the same framework deterministic and stochastic solvers for both single and multiobjective optimization. We present the rationals behind the (decade-long) development of the platform as a… CONTINUE READING
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