COCA: Computation Offload to Clouds Using AOP


In this paper, we describe COCA -- Computation Offload to Clouds using AOP (aspect-oriented programming). COCA is a programming framework that allows smart phones application developers to offload part of the computation to servers in the cloud easily. COCA works at the source level. By harnessing the power of AOP, \name inserts appropriate offloading code into the source code of the target application based on the result of static and dynamic profiling. As a proof of concept, we integrate \name into the Android development environment and fully automate the new build process, making application programming and software maintenance easier. With COCA, mobile applications can now automatically offload part of the computation to the cloud, achieving better performance and longer battery life. Smart phones such as iPhone and Android phones can now easily leverage the immense computing power of the cloud to achieve tasks that were considered difficult before, such as having a more complicated artificial-intelligence engine.

DOI: 10.1109/CCGrid.2012.98

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@article{Chen2012COCACO, title={COCA: Computation Offload to Clouds Using AOP}, author={Hsing-Yu Chen and Yue-Hsun Lin and Chen-Mou Cheng}, journal={2012 12th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (ccgrid 2012)}, year={2012}, pages={466-473} }