CO2 reaction with hydrated class H well cement under geologic sequestration conditions: effects of flyash admixtures.

  title={CO2 reaction with hydrated class H well cement under geologic sequestration conditions: effects of flyash admixtures.},
  author={Barbara G Kutchko and Brian R. Strazisar and Nicolas J Huerta and Gregory V Lowry and David A Dzombak and Niels Thaulow},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={43 10},
The rate and mechanism of reaction of pozzolan-amended Class H cement exposed to both supercritical CO2 and CO2-saturated brine were determined under geologic sequestration conditions to assess the potential impact of cement degradation in existing, wells on CO2 storage integrity. The pozzolan additive chosen, Type F flyash, is the most common additive used in cements for well sealing in oil-gas field operations. The 35:65 and 65:35 (v/v) pozzolan-cement blends were exposed to supercritical CO2… CONTINUE READING
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