CO oxidation over Pt-modified fly ash zeolite X

  title={CO oxidation over Pt-modified fly ash zeolite X},
  author={Silviya Todorova and Borislav Z. Barbov and Totka Todorova and Hristo Kolev and Ivanka Ivanova and Maya Shopska and Yuri Kalvachev},
  journal={Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis},
In this study, an attempt to find a solution for environmental problems as the utilization of the waste of fly ash together with reducing of CO emissions is presented. Zeolite X from fly ash is obtained and used as a catalyst support and this leads to minimization of the catalyst cost. Reference sample synthesized from pure chemicals is modified with the same amount of iron that is content in the fly ash zeolite in order to be compared with it. Platinum is loaded on both samples and the… 
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