CNS dysplasia in dysencephalia splanchnocystica (Gruber's syndrome)

  title={CNS dysplasia in dysencephalia splanchnocystica (Gruber's syndrome)},
  author={Akira Hori and H. Orthner and A Kohlsch{\"u}tter and Klaus Schott and Kyugo Hirabayashi and Kuniyasu Shimokawa},
  journal={Acta Neuropathologica},
A macrosomic male infant with multiple malformations survived for 4 days. His external dysplasias comprised macrocephalus, cheilopalatoschisis, auricular anomalies, and unilateral hexadactyly; his internal dysplasias included cysts of kidneys and pancreas, and a patent foramen ovale. The child had frequent generalized convulsions and died of… CONTINUE READING