CMOS reliability issues for emerging cryogenic Lunar electronics applications

  title={CMOS reliability issues for emerging cryogenic Lunar electronics applications},
  author={Tianbing Chen and Chendong Zhu and Laleh Najafizadeh and Bongim Jun and Adnan Ahmed and Ryan Diestelhorst and Gustavo Espinel and John D. Cressler},
We investigate the reliability issues associated with the application of CMOS devices contained within an advanced SiGe HBT BiCMOS technology to emerging cryogenic space electronics (e.g., down to 43 K, for Lunar missions). Reduced temperature operation improves CMOS device performance (e.g., transconductance, carrier mobility, subthreshold swing, and output current drive), as expected. However, operation at cryogenic temperatures also causes serious device reliability concerns, since it… CONTINUE READING
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