CLO/GFA1 and ATO are novel regulators of gametic cell fate in plants.

  title={CLO/GFA1 and ATO are novel regulators of gametic cell fate in plants.},
  author={Cordula Moll and Ludwig von Lyncker and Steffi Zimmermann and Christina K{\"a}gi and Nadine Baumann and David Twell and Ueli Grossniklaus and Rita Gro\ss-Hardt},
  journal={The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology},
  volume={56 6},
The formation of gametes is a key step in the life cycle of any sexually reproducing organism. In flowering plants, gametes develop in haploid structures termed gametophytes that comprise a few cells. The female gametophyte forms gametic cells and flanking accessory cells. During a screen for regulators of egg-cell fate, we isolated three mutants, lachesis (lis), clotho (clo) and atropos (ato), that show deregulated expression of an egg-cell marker. We have previously shown that, in lis mutants… CONTINUE READING


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