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  • Published 1964
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The purpose of the paper is to undertake a detailed investigation of the role of Clifford algebras and spinors in the K&theory of real vector bundles. On the one hand the use of Clifford algebras throws considerable light on the periodicity theorem for the stable orthogonal group. On the other hand the use of spinors seems essential in some of the finer points of the KO-theory which centre round the Thorn isomorphism. As far as possible we have endeavoured to make this paper self-contained… 

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The purpose of this note is to present a proof of the Bott periodicity theorem that is based on the periodicity of Clifford algebras. Such a proof was first predicted in [2], and then constructed in

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In [2], Atiyah, Bott and Shapiro calculated certain groups Ak associated to real Clifford algebra representations, and observed that they were isomorphic to KO−k(∗). The same can be said for complex

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In this paper, we study KO-theory invariants of Spin bundles obtained by the a-construction from Clifford module representations of the Spinor group. We begin by describing their elementary

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C lifford algebras are important for many areas of pure and applied mathematics and physics. Real Clifford algebras were introduced by the English mathematician and philosopher William Kingdon

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We deduce the periodicity 8 for the type of Pin and Spin representations of the orthogonal groups O(n) from simple combinatorial properties of the finite Clifford groups generated by the gamma




  • R. Bott
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1957
The index of s, denoted by X(s), is the properly counted sum of the conjugate points of P in the interior of s which occurs as the index of some geodesic from P to Q in the class h.

Quelques remarques sur les théorèmes de périodicité

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