CIFTS: A Coordinated Infrastructure for Fault-Tolerant Systems

  title={CIFTS: A Coordinated Infrastructure for Fault-Tolerant Systems},
  author={Rinku Gupta and Peter H. Beckman and Byung-Hoon Park and Ewing L. Lusk and Paul Hargrove and Al Geist and Dhabaleswar K. Panda and Andrew Lumsdaine and Jack J. Dongarra},
  journal={2009 International Conference on Parallel Processing},
Considerable work has been done on providing fault tolerance capabilities for different software components on large-scale high-end computing systems. Thus far, however, these fault-tolerant components have worked insularly and independently and information about faults is rarely shared. Such lack of system-wide fault tolerance is emerging as one of the biggest problems on leadership-class systems. In this paper, we propose a coordinated infrastructure, named CIFTS, that enables system software… CONTINUE READING
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