CHIMERE 2013 : a model for regional atmospheric composition modelling

  title={CHIMERE 2013 : a model for regional atmospheric composition modelling},
  author={Laurent Menut and Bertrand Bessagnet and Dmitry Khvorostyanov and Matthias Beekmann and Nad{\`e}ge Blond and Augustin Colette and Isabelle Coll and Gabriele Curci and Gilles For{\^e}t and Alma Hodzic and Sylvain Mailler and Frederik Meleux and J.-L. Monge and I. Pison and Guillaume Siour and Sol{\`e}ne Turquety and Myrto Valari and R Vautard and Marta Garc{\'i}a Vivanco},
Tropospheric trace gas and aerosol pollutants have adverse effects on health, environment and climate. In order to quantify and mitigate such effects, a wide range of processes leading to the formation and transport of pollutants must be considered, understood and represented in numerical models. Regional scale pollution episodes result from the combination of several factors: high emissions (from anthropogenic or natural sources), stagnant meteorological conditions, kinetics and efficiency of… CONTINUE READING
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