CHESS, Chemical Herschel surveys of star forming regions:Peering into the protostellar shock L1157-B1

  title={CHESS, Chemical Herschel surveys of star forming regions:Peering into the protostellar shock L1157-B1},
  author={Bertrand Lefloch and Sylvie Cabrit and Claudio Codella and Gary J. Melnick and Jos{\'e} Cernicharo and Emmanuel Caux and Milena Benedettini and Abraham Cornelis Adwin Boogert and Paola Caselli and Cecilia Ceccarelli and Fr'ed'eric Gueth and Pierre Hily-Blant and Andrea Lorenzani and David A. Neufeld and Brunella Nisini and S. Pacheco and Laurent Pagani and Juan R. Pardo and B{\'e}reng{\`e}re Parise and Morvan C. Salez and Karl F. Schuster and Serena Viti and Aurore Bacmann and Alain Baudry and Tom A. Bell and Edwin A. Bergin and Geoffrey A. Blake and Sandrine Bottinelli and Alain Castets and Claudia Comito and Audrey Coutens and Nicolas Crimier and Carsten Dominik and Karine Demyk and Pierre J. Encrenaz and E. Falgarone and Asunci{\'o}n Fuente and Maryvonne Gerin and P. F. Goldsmith and Frank P. Helmich and Patrick Hennebelle and Th. Henning and Eric Herbst and Thierry Jacq and Claudine Kahane and Mihkel Kama and Alain Klotz and William D. Langer and Dariusz C. Lis and Steven D. Lord and S'ebastien Maret and Justin Pearson and Thomas G. Phillips and Paolo Saraceno and Peter Schilke and A. Tielens and Floris van der Tak and Matthijs van der Wiel and Charlotte Vastel and Valentine Wakelam and Adam D. Walters and Friedrich Wyrowski and Harold W. Yorke and Rafael Bachiller and Colin James Kelvin Borys and Gert de Lange and Yan Delorme and Carsten Kramer and Bengt Larsson and R. Lai and Frank Maiwald and Jes{\'u}s Mart{\'i}n-Pintado and Imran Mehdi and V. Ossenkopf and P. Siegel and J{\"u}rgen Stutzki and J. H. Wunsch},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics of Galaxies},
The outflow driven by the low-mass class 0 protostar L1157 is the prototype of the so-called chemically active outflows. The bright bowshock B1 in the southern outflow lobe is a privileged testbed of magneto-hydrodynamical (MHD) shock models, for which dynamical and chemical processes are strongly interdependent. We present the first results of the unbiased spectral survey of the L1157-B1 bowshock, obtained in the framework of the key program "Chemical Herschel Surveys of Star Forming Regions… Expand

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CHESS spectral survey
  • 2001