author={Qudusia Sultana and Muhammed Asif and Ramakrishna Avadhani},
  journal={International Journal of Approximate Reasoning},
Introduction: Cheiloscopy is derived from Greek word “Cheiloswhich” meaning lips.It is the study of characteristic pattern of elevations and depressions on labial mucosa. It is unique for every individual like fingerprints and hence can be used to determine the sex and for personal identity. Aim: This study is undertaken to evaluate the uniqueness of lip prints for sexual and personal identification of an individual. Materials and Methods: lipsticks, brush, cellophane tape, bond paper and… 

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Cleiloscopy- A Reliable Method For Human Identification

Introduction: Cheiloscopy, the study of lip prints, is a reliable method for the identification of individuals. The lip print of every person is unique and can be used to determine the personal

Cheiloscopy–An Efficient Method for Gender Dimorphism

Cheiloscopy can be reliable method for personal identification and gender dimorphism in medico legal case, due to clear differentiation in sexes it is easy to identify person and gender.

Ori gin al Ar ti cle Estimation of gender using cheiloscopy and dermatoglyphics

The study between lip print and fingerprint can aid in gender determination, and the overall correlation of lip prints with fingerprints in males revealed branched lip pattern associated with whorl fingerprint and in females as vertical lip printpattern associated with loop fingerprint.

Individual Uniqueness of Cheiloscopy among Ikwerre Indigenes of Rivers State

Lip print was observed to be unique among individuals and also sexually dimorphic when considered according to quadrants and will serve as a useful tool in forensic investigations.

Lip Prints: An Adjunct to Gender Prediction? A Study of 450 Nigerians Resident in Port Harcourt

It is suggested that lip distribution is independent of the gender and what was seen in the upper right quadrant (URQ) could be by a coincidence and not strong enough to suggest that lip print distribution is dependent on gender.

Cheiloscopy - A diagnostic and deterministic mirror for establishment of person identification and gender discrimination: A study participated by Indian Medical students to aid legal proceedings and criminal investigations

As lip prints do not change during the life of a person hence still further studies needs to be undertaken to substantiate the cheiloscopic technique on the upper crest as a predominant technique for personal and gender identification.

Cheiloscopy and dermatoglyphics in normal and obese individuals: A study in Indian subpopulation

Finger prints in the obese individuals showed significant differences when compared to the normal controls while lip prints failed to reveal any significant difference, and right thumb revealed a significant gender difference among obese individuals.


This study aims to study lip print patterns in all the four quadrants of lips and predominant pattern in both gender in the study population.

Perception of Forensic Odontology and its Practice among the Local Dentists of an Institution

This study shows that although there is an adequate knowledge and good attitude among dental practitioners regarding forensic odontology, yet they need more exposure from practical point of view.



Cheiloscopy: The study of lip prints in sex identification

Human identification is a universal process based on scientific principles, mainly involving finger printing. Theory of uniqueness is a strong point used in the analysis of fingerprints to convince

Cheiloscopy as an Aid To Personal Identification and Its Variation According To Gender

Cheiloscopy is a forensic investigation technique which deals with the study of grooves and furrows forming a characteristic pattern on the external surface of the lips. This is unique for every

Cheiloscopy as an adjunct to forensic identification: a study of 600 individuals.

The present study was undertaken to classify lip prints, study their variations, determine the most common pattern in the study population, evaluate differences in lip prints between males and females and between different age groups, ascertain whether there is any hereditary pattern and thereby investigate their potential role in personal identification.

Cheiloscopy – An Aid for Personal Identification

It was inferred that frequency of different types of lines according to Suzuki and Tsuchihashi class ification in different regions of upper and lower lip were different in each and every individual.

Lip prints (cheiloscopy).

Lip print recording is helpful in forensic investigation that deals with identification of humans, based on lip traces, and may be revealed as a surface with visible elements of lines representing the furrows.

Cheiloscopy for sex determination: A study

The potential use of lip prints for sex determination in forensic dentistry, as they are unique to every individual, is demonstrated.

Cheiloscopy-Method of Person Identification and Sex Determination

To elaborate further study of lip print for personal identification, sex-determination and criminalization, the present study has been aimed to study on lip prints in depth.

Study of lip prints

The external surface of lips has many elevations and depressions forming a characteristic pattern called lip prints, examination of which is known as cheiloscopy. The lip prints are unique and

Studies on personal identification by means of lip prints.

Luminous lip-prints as criminal evidence.