CHAT To Your Destination

  title={CHAT To Your Destination},
  author={Fuliang Weng and Baoshi Yan and Zhe Feng and Florin Ratiu and Madhuri Raya and Brian Lathrop and Annie Lien and Sebastian Varges and Rohit Mishra and Feng Lin and Matthew Purver and Harry Bratt and Yao Meng and Stanley Peters and Tobias Scheideck and Badri Raghunathan and Zhaoxia Zhang},
In the past few years, we have been developing a robust, wide-coverage, and cognitive load-sensitive spoken dialog interface, CHAT (Conversational Helper for Automotive Tasks). New progress has been made to address issues related to dynamic and attention-demanding environments, such as driving. Specifically, we try to address imperfect input and imperfect memory issues through robust understanding, knowledge-based interpretation, flexible dialog management, sensible information communication… CONTINUE READING