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CHAPTER 1 Nanoparticles from Mechanical Attrition

  title={CHAPTER 1 Nanoparticles from Mechanical Attrition},
  author={Cl{\'a}udio M{\'a}rcio de Castro and Brian S. Mitchell},

A model of magnetic hyperthermia

A magnetic material exposed to a field that is cycled is observed to become warm. This arises because any misalignment between the field and the moment causes the generation of magnetostatic energy



Powder Metallurgy

Fundamental Principles of Powder MetallurgyBy Dr. W. D. Jones. Pp. xii + 1032. (London: Edward Arnold (Publishers), Ltd., 1960.) 147s. net.

Powder metallurgy of superalloys

Nickel-chromium and, to a lesser extent, cobalt-chromium alloys are the major class of materials used for the high temperature components of aircraft, marine, and land-based power systems and are a...


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The formation of a glycosidic linkage is described and the four levels of protein structure are described.

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