CGRP peptide and regenerating sensory axons.

  title={CGRP peptide and regenerating sensory axons.},
  author={Xia-Qing Li and Valerie M. K. Verge and Jayne M Johnston and Douglas W Zochodne},
  journal={Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology},
  volume={63 10},
CGRP peptide, a widely expressed constituent of sensory neurons, plays important roles in nerve function and repair when axons are severed. CGRP synthesis declines, yet peptide nonetheless accumulates in severed axon endbulbs. In this work we explore an apparent selective and ongoing expression of CGRP peptide in regenerative sensory axon sprouts. Following sural nerve crush in rats out to 14 days, regenerating and branching sensory axons had intense and selective expression of CGRP, not… CONTINUE READING


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