CGH null test design and fabrication for off-axis aspherical mirror tests

  title={CGH null test design and fabrication for off-axis aspherical mirror tests},
  author={M. Wang and D. Asselin and P. Topart and J. Gauvin and P. Berlioz and B. Harnisch},
  booktitle={International Optical Design Conference},
A null-lens based on a Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) is designed to test the primary off-axis aspherical mirror of the GAIA space telescope. This custom-designed and fabricated CGH includes five zones (null CGH, alignment CGH, and beam-projection CGH) on the same substrate. The optical test configuration is simple and the designed five-zones CGHs can simultaneously provide the aberrated wavefront correction for null tests, CGH alignment with a commercial interferometer, pre-positioning of… Expand
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  • M. Wang
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • Optical Systems Design
  • 2011
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