CFT and topological recursion

  title={CFT and topological recursion},
  author={Ivan Kostov and Nicolas Orantin},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We study the quasiclassical expansion associated with a complex curve. In a more specific context this is the 1/N expansion in U(N)-invariant matrix integrals. We compare two approaches, the CFT approach and the topological recursion, and show their equivalence. The CFT approach reformulates the problem in terms of a conformal field theory on a Riemann surface, while the topological recursion is based on a recurrence equation for the observables representing symplectic invariants on the complex… 
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1 General properties The topological recursion (TR) is an axiomatic construction of a family of correlation functions ωg,n indexed by two integers g, n ≥ 0, from the initial data of a spectral curve
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