CFD analysis of heat collection in a glazed gallery

  title={CFD analysis of heat collection in a glazed gallery},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Jos{\'e} Jim{\'e}nez Su{\'a}rez and A. Gutierrez and Jorge Pistono and Eduardo Blanco},
  • María José Jiménez Suárez, A. Gutierrez, +1 author Eduardo Blanco
  • Published 2011
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Abstract A glazed gallery in most old buildings is a space located on the first floor (and/or higher floors), facing south and almost fully glazed. As a result of the large glazed area and the orientation of the gallery, its temperature is warmer than the exterior and, in cold weather, it is used both as a space to insulate the adjacent rooms and as a leisure area, among other applications. In the framework of the ARFRISOL project (Bioclimatic Architecture and Solar Cooling), a demonstration… CONTINUE READING

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