CENTA as a Chromogenic Substrate for Studying β-Lactamases

  title={CENTA as a Chromogenic Substrate for Studying β-Lactamases},
  author={Carine Bebrone and Catherine Moali and F Mahy and Sandrine Rival and Jean Denis Docquier and Gian Maria Rossolini and Jacques Fastrez and R F Pratt and J J Frere and Moreno Galleni},
CENTA, a chromogenic cephalosporin, is readily hydrolyzed by β-lactamases of all classes except for the Aeromonas hydrophila metalloenzyme. Although it cannot practically be used for the detection of β-lactamaseproducing strains on agar plates, it should be quite useful for kinetic studies and the detection of the enzymes in crude extracts and chromatographic fractions. Nitrocefin and, to a lesser extent, PADAC have been used as chromogenic substrates of β-lactamases. Such substrates, whose… CONTINUE READING