CENP-B Controls Centromere Formation Depending on the Chromatin Context

  title={CENP-B Controls Centromere Formation Depending on the Chromatin Context},
  author={Teruaki Okada and Jun-ichirou Ohzeki and M. Nakano and K. Yoda and W. Brinkley and V. Larionov and H. Masumoto},
  • Teruaki Okada, Jun-ichirou Ohzeki, +4 authors H. Masumoto
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • The centromere is a chromatin region that serves as the spindle attachment point and directs accurate inheritance of eukaryotic chromosomes during cell divisions. However, the mechanism by which the centromere assembles and stabilizes at a specific genomic region is not clear. The de novo formation of a human/mammalian artificial chromosome (HAC/MAC) with a functional centromere assembly requires the presence of alpha-satellite DNA containing binding motifs for the centromeric CENP-B protein… CONTINUE READING
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