CEDO: content-centric dissemination algorithm for delay-tolerant networks


Emerging challenged networks require new protocols and strategies to cope with a high degree of mobility, high delays and unknown, possibly non-existing routes within the network. Researchers have proposed different <i>store-carry-and-forward</i> protocols for data delivery in challenged networks. These have been complemented with appropriate drop and scheduling policies that deal with the limitations of the nodes' buffers and the limited duration of opportunistic encounters in these networks. Nevertheless, the vast majority of these protocols and strategies are designed for end-to-end transmissions. Yet, a paradigm shift from the traditional way of addressing the endpoints in the network has been occurring towards content-centric networking. To this end, we present CEDO, a content-centric dissemination algorithm for challenged networks. CEDO aims at maximizing the total delivery-rate of distributed content in a setting where a range of contents of different popularity may be requested and stored, but nodes have limited resources. It achieves this by maintaining a delivery-rate utility per content that is proportional to the content miss rate and that is used by the nodes to make appropriate drop and scheduling decisions. This delivery-rate utility can be estimated locally by each node using unbiased estimators fed by sampled information on the mobile network obtained by gossiping. Both simulations and theory suggest that CEDO achieves its set goal, and outperforms a baseline LRU-based policy by 72%, even in relatively small scenarios. The framework followed by CEDO is general enough to be applied to other global performance objectives as well.

DOI: 10.1145/2507924.2507931

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