CE-MSn of complex pectin-derived oligomers.

  title={CE-MSn of complex pectin-derived oligomers.},
  author={Gerd-Jan Coenen and Mirjam A Kabel and H A Schols and Alphons G. J. Voragen},
  volume={29 10},
As pectin molecules are too large and heterogeneous to analyze as a whole, the polymer is usually degraded to smaller oligomers, which are often analyzed by high-performance anion exchange chromatography (HPAEC). However, the high salt concentration necessary to elute pectin oligomers by HPAEC is incompatible with online mass detection. To overcome such a disadvantage, a CE-IT-MS system was set up to further elucidate the fine structure of charged oligosaccharides. An effective separation of… CONTINUE READING