CD97: a dedifferentiation marker in human thyroid carcinomas.

  title={CD97: a dedifferentiation marker in human thyroid carcinomas.},
  author={Gabriela Aust and Wolfram Eichler and Svenja Laue and Insa Lehmann and N. E. Heldin and Oliver Lotz and Werner Alfred Scherbaum and Henning 5 Dralle and Cuong Hoang-Vu},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={57 9},
CD97 is a dimeric glycoprotein of Mr 75,000-85,000 and 28,000 belonging to a novel subfamily of seven-span transmembrane region leukocyte cell surface molecules. It is expressed abundantly in cells of hematopoietic origin. This is the first report demonstrating the expression of CD97 outside the hematopoetic system. CD97 was studied in normal human and neoplastic follicular epithelium of the thyroid and anaplastic (n = 3) and papillary (n = 1) thyroid carcinoma cell lines. In normal thyroid… CONTINUE READING
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