CD5 B cells, a fetal B cell lineage.

  title={CD5 B cells, a fetal B cell lineage.},
  author={R. Hardy and K. Hayakawa},
  journal={Advances in immunology},
  • R. Hardy, K. Hayakawa
  • Published 1994
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Advances in immunology
  • Publisher Summary This chapter presents a short background of CD5 expression on B cells and focuses on the issue of the relationship of CD5 B cells to B cell development, proposing a model that views this subset as the progeny of a fetal B cell differentiation pathway. Several features of this population that distinguish it from other B cells are reviewed, including a possible relationship between the normal population and the numerous CD5 + B cell neoplasias. The chapter discusses another… CONTINUE READING
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    • R. Hardy, K. Hayakawa
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    • 1991
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