CD44 is a phagocytic receptor.

  title={CD44 is a phagocytic receptor.},
  author={Eric Vachon and Raiza Martin and Jonathan Plumb and Vivian Kwok and R. William Vandivier and Michael Glogauer and Andr{\'a}s Kapus and Xiaomin Wang and Chairperson Alan Katz Dominic Chow and Sergio Grinstein and Gregory P Downey},
  volume={107 10},
CD44, a transmembrane adhesion molecule involved in binding and metabolism of hyaluronan, has additional functions in inflammatory and immune responses, contributing to the ingestion and clearance of particles and apoptotic cells. Our goal was to determine the specific role of CD44 in phagocytosis and whether it functions as a primary or accessory phagocytic receptor. Using hyaluronan-coated beads and erythrocytes coated with antiCD44 antibodies as the phagocytic prey, we determined that CD44… CONTINUE READING


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