CD44 and EpCAM: cancer-initiating cell markers.

  title={CD44 and EpCAM: cancer-initiating cell markers.},
  author={Rachid Marhaba and Pamela Klingbeil and Tobias Nuebel and Irina Nazarenko and Markus W. B{\"u}chler and Margot Zoeller},
  journal={Current molecular medicine},
  volume={8 8},
Embryonic stem cells are immortal, can self renew, and differentiate into all cells of the body. The adult organism maintains adult stem cells in regenerative organs that can differentiate into all cells of the respective organ. Virchow's hypothesis that cancer may arise from embryonic-like cells has received strong support, as it was demonstrated that tumors contain few cells, known as cancer stem or cancer-initiating cells (CIC), that account for primary and metastatic tumor growth. CIC are… CONTINUE READING

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